No smoking signHazard warning signs and symbols play an essential role in ensuring the safety of the public. These instruct people to be more cautious and to follow all precautionary measures when going to or in a hazardous location.

The Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA) requires facilities to place safety signs and labels to maintain the security and safety of the place.

Is It Really Important?

Some containers and areas can be dangerous to the health of the people. This is why they should be aware of the hazards and be able to recognize them. The hazard signs commonly have striking symbols to help people identify them more easily. This way, people understand that they should take precautions to avoid dangerous situations. Such signs have identical symbols, but they are available in different colors to identify a particular hazard.

Different Uses

Safety signs are legally required in premises and buildings where many people work and stay. Particular areas recognized as hazard zones need proper signs to prevent untoward incidents.

There are crossbones and skull signs that indicate lethal hazards. These are usually found in containers that have dangerous contents or in risky areas. Meanwhile, signs of blades of a black fan that have a yellow background are seen in places with the danger of radiation. For biological hazards, sign designers and manufacturers use a symbol of three interwoven arcs that have a bell shape in the middle.

Areas with high voltage are specified with a staggered exclamation point or a lightning bolt. Other examples of hazard warning signs are construction safety signs, electrical hazard warning signs and chemical hazard warning signs.

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Hazard symbols and signs are a necessity because they reduce the incidence of injuries or accidents. These also offer information on what the public must do in case of emergency.