A house in the suburbsIt may be challenging to pinpoint exactly what is about the suburbs that make them feel like home. There are important factors to consider before taking the plunge and moving to a suburban life.

Elements such as your priorities and needs, as well as the area’s market situation, are some of the most crucial considerations. North Lakes property management experts explain the main types of suburbs in Australia that you can choose from.

Outer Rural

This location is ideal for people who love peace, fresh air, scenic views, and quiet neighbourhoods. The outer rural area offers a retreat for people who are leaning into a more peaceful life away from the stress of the city.


For bigger families that require a larger space, buying a property in a family-friendly suburb is an affordable option. You’ll get twice as much space for your money than when you live in the city.

Furthermore, family-friendly areas are typically close to supermarkets and large shopping hubs. They usually have good transportation options for students travelling to and from school.

Trendy Urban

If you want to be near the action and bright lights in the city, but still have an escape when you want your peace and quiet, go for trendy urban neighbourhoods. These artsy suburbs are relatively close to the energetic city life and offer better deals when it comes to affordability.

Inner City

Find a suburban area close to the central business district if you think being in the centre of modern amenities is integral to your lifestyle. Inner city suburbs offer live music, theatre, nightly entertainment, and great restaurants right at your front door.

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Just remember that each square footage will cost more than the average in outer locales, and you might have to settle into a compact apartment.

You will be able to find the right place for a home as long as you know your priorities. Whether you’re into the manic urban jungle or the peaceful life in the outskirts, find where you will feel most at home.