Recruitment conceptHiring employees is an essential part of any business organisation. It is, however, time-consuming and costly regardless of the size of your company or the presence of a human resource department. Engaging a staffing agency is the best solution to cost- and time-efficient recruitment.

A good working relationship with the right London recruitment agency will guarantee you a supply of well-qualified and skilled applicants. Here are some tips for efficiently working with a recruitment agency.

Hire a specialised agency

Recruitment firms recruit a broad variety of job candidates. It is therefore difficult and typically takes a more extended period to get a person with the exact qualifications and skills you are searching for.

Specialised firms have a better understanding of the marketplace and will get you a perfect match for your job opening faster than if it were done manually and in-house.

Have efficient communication lines

Try to meet with the recruiter in person first rather than talking over email and phone. Ensure you give them a detailed description of the candidate you are looking for and the skills necessary for the position.

Mention any company policies or aspect of office culture that might positively influence recruitment. This is the best way to effectively communicate your needs to the recruiter and get the best candidate.

Provide feedback

Recruitment through an agency will be a continuous process in your business. Always give your recruiter feedback on the candidates they give you. This will help them provide you with better candidates in the future and know the specific qualities that work for your organization.

To make the most of your partnership with a recruitment firm, tap into their resources. Some companies, for instance, provide training for their candidates. Encourage your employees to go to these sessions. It will ensure your employees are equipped with the latest skills in the market and instill new ideas into your organisation.

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