Hotel reception deskAs a hotelier, it is your mission to be successful in what you do. Bear in mind, however, that competition is high, so it’s important to focus on factors that would put your establishment on top of the list. One way to know what your hotel needs to succeed is to listen to and read customer reviews and feedback.

Apart from addressing these specific concerns, you also have to remember these three important rules as a hotel operator.

Complete amenities

From furniture to hotel mini-fridges, your establishment should provide everything a travelling customer may need. The key here is comfort, which translates to complete amenities including bed-bug free linen, good food, and clean facilities.

Travellers, as you may know, are usually tired and the last thing they need is a poor place to stay. Don’t make them look for another hotel; make sure that you provide everything for their convenience.

Top customer service

Complete amenities will only score high on the ratings if you couple it with personalised customer service. To achieve this, always train and remind your hotel personnel about proper etiquette not only in terms of food handling but also when addressing customer concerns.

It’s important that they know how to respond with a sense of urgency and possess the positive traits of being patient, courteous and knowledgeable.

Bold advertising

With numerous hotels around the world, sometimes the only way to reach the top is to outsmart your competition, and you can do this through advertising. From billboards to Instagram posts, your hotel’s ads have to be different, unique and, if need be, controversial.

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Avoid the usual “low prices” or “excellent rooms” content; think out-of-the-box. At the same time, increase your social media presence because most people are now switching to the internet for everything they need.