woman doing presentation in officeAn event can be either successful or a complete snooze, depending on how you plan and hold it. If you’re planning an event that does not enable interaction between the hosts/speakers and the audience, there won’t be enough effective transfer of information.

So, how do you plan a better event, such as a business presentation? Here are some pointers:

Use Audio Visuals

People respond to things they can see and hear. If you’re asking them to imagine too many things at once, they might as well fall asleep in the middle of the presentation. Audio-visuals can grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged. If you’re planning an event in Washington DC, for example, you may choose among different providers of reliable audio-visual rentals. You want the audio equipment to sound clear, and the visual equipment should show images in high definition, as well.

Crack Jokes

Even if you’re planning a serious event, for a product launch, perhaps, remember that you can crack a joke or two in the middle of a discussion about technical specs. This will help reel the audience back in before they completely zone out. A presentation may be talking about a lot of numbers; an icebreaker will help those who hate math feel less nervous about the event.

Remember that anyone feels stressed when they don’t understand what’s going on; jokes can help them relax a little and let them know you’re trying to connect with them.

Ask and Answer Questions

After you’ve presented heavy information, check if your audience is still with you. Refresh their mind and help them catch up to the current discussion by answering their questions. Questions keep your listeners engaged. Just one brave listener who asks a question can tell the audience that someone else feels as confused as them. You may also ask questions as openers to give the audience an idea of what the presentation will be about.

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Passive listeners are not what you need if you want a successful event. Keep the level of engagement up so that the information you present stays with the attendees.