a plate of nachosBecause it’s the ultimate party food; this should be enough reason to make you consider building your party’s food and beverage menu around this favorite cuisine in the United States. But there’s more to it than just being an amazing option for whichever special occasion you’ll celebrate.

To help you realize just why you should serve Mexican fare during your upcoming party, here’s a quick look at the qualities that make food from the great South of Freedom the ultimate party food.

Because almost, if not everyone loves it

Food is the heart of any occasion, so you want to make sure everyone will like what you’ll serve during the party. And because it’s a known fact that Americans love Mexican cuisine, so much that it has become the second most popular type of menu in the country, that should be good enough reason to serve it.

Because you’ll find authentic Mexican in VA

Of course, since you’re going Mexican, then you want to make sure it’s genuine. You have the option to prepare everything yourself, but know that right here in Springfield, VA, a Mexican restaurant offering authentic cuisine from the South is your best, easiest, and most convenient option.

Not only does this free up a lot of your time; it also allows you to simply enjoy your party and forget about doing the dishes and cleaning up after.

Because even non-meat-eaters can enjoy the food

Mexican cuisine isn’t all about beef-laden nachos or burritos; there are so many other non-meat options to choose from. Just the varied types of tacos alone can fulfill anyone’s cravings — there are vegetarian variants available, consisting of nutritious pinto and garbanzo beans, roasted chili, and rice wrapped in soft corn shells.

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There’s just so much to love about Mexican that you can eat it multiple times a week. So, make your next party extra special by celebrating it with authentic food from Mexico.