tombstones in ancient graveyardThe final resting place of a loved one needs to be marked for you to have a location where the family can gather or where you can visit. Markers, from headstones to grave markers, abound in different forms in Salt Lake City. What should you get your lost loved one? McDougal Funeral Home compiles a short list of your options.

1. Grave Markers

Grave markers usually adorn cemeteries. These markers simply consist of bronze plaques laid on top of granite slabs, which make for tasteful memorials. This type usually cost around $250–600, although it might cost more depending on the style, stone, and overlay you want.

Grave markers also come in the form of either flush markers or ledger markers. Flush markers refer to small rectangle stones positioned at the top portion of a grave. Ledger markers, on the other hand, comprise stone entirely, the bronze taking up only a small portion of the large slab.

2. Upright Headstones

Headstones, compared with grave markers, usually stand upright or elevated from the ground. You will usually see upright headstones in cemeteries as well, and this can be enough for you to mark the final resting place of your loved one. Alternate choices, however, include slanted gravestones and obelisks.

3. Slanted Gravestones

Slanted gravestones simply refer to stone markers with a slanted top. You can customize the angle of the slant, and on it, you can write the epitaph and other information of your lost loved one. A slant gravestone can be great to mark individual persons in a family plot.

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4. Obelisks

Lastly, obelisks might be the grandest of all headstones. Obelisks refer to column-like monuments, which could either be tall or short. You could embellish obelisks with other designs and statues apart from the structure itself. This type has the highest cost of them all.

With the different types above, you could better choose which kind you want for your loved one. You could go with something simple or grand. It will depend on your wishes or the wishes of your loved one.