a bed bugWhen it comes to the health and well-being of your kids, you should always be proactive. You should make sure your house is clean and free from insects that may cause harm to the children.

One of the biggest problems most households experience is the presence of bed bugs. Bed bugs are tiny insects scientifically called Cimex lectularius. The food sources of these pesky insects are human blood. As a result, they usually thrive in homes. They love to stay in warm and dry places like upholstered furniture, rugs, and mattresses.

What are the health effects of bed bugs on children?


Though the bite of the bed bug itself is harmless, scratching the lesion may lead to serious complications. Cellulitis is a potentially severe skin infection that appears as a red, swollen and infected area of the skin. The infection can spread rapidly to the other parts of the body, particularly in infants and children. To prevent bed bugs bite on kids, you can contact a bed bug removal company such as Custom Bedbug to eradicate all the bugs in the house.


The follicles are tiny pockets where hair around the body grows. Folliculitis happens when the hair follicles become swollen and inflamed. Usually, this condition is caused by a bacterial infection. In this case, it may arise from scratching the bed bug bite.


Impetigo is another bacterial skin infection caused by bed bug bites. When kids and infants scratch the bite, they may introduce bacteria into the open sore, which could result in an infection. The sores can have fluid and develop a yellow-brown crust. This can spread anywhere in the body.

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Most individuals develop redness, pain and swelling at the insect bite site. It’s a normal reaction, but in infants and children, it could turn to a toxic reaction called anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock. This condition is severe and can be life-threatening.

It is important to provide first aid treatment for insect or bed bug bites, especially among infants and kids. They have a more serious reaction to these bites than adults. So make sure your house is free of bed bugs and other insects.