a rose gold iPhoneDespite the very stiff competition, the iPhone remains to be the best seller. Every year, however, it sees a bump in price that many have second thoughts of buying the newest model. Those who plan to switch from a different phone brand to Apple’s hit pause when they compare prices.

Owning an iPhone need not burn your wallet because older models will be much cheaper than the latest ones. In fact, there’s a whole industry of pre-owned Apple products for sale, and you can get one from a lot of sources, such as a computer sales franchise business that also repairs mobile gadgets.

Sure, there will be some features that you will find lacking in an older-generation iPhone, but these should not be a deal breaker as the gadget will remain as a capable phone and multi-media and entertainment device that you can get at a lower price.

Buying from a reputable store will assure you of quality. But, if you choose to transact with other third-party sellers, you will need to do some due diligence to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Here are a few things to keep in mind before parting with your hard-earned cash:

1. The iPhone should work with your carrier.

Take note that each iPhone model will come in certain variations depending on the carrier they are for. Make sure what you’re buying will be compatible with your carrier.

2. Check for signs of water damage.

Older iPhones are not water-resistant. As such, you need to inspect the unit you’re planning to buy.

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3. See if it charges properly.

You might have bought the unit fully charged, but insist anyway on recharging it at the store (you might need to bring a power bank just in case you can’t find a wall outlet). The lightning symbol should appear next to the battery icon when you plug it in.

Becoming a proud owner of an iPhone need not be such a burden on your budget. As Apple’s smartphone lasts longer than other phone brands, you can be sure to get your money’s worth.