A tech engineer working on computer serversDo you like tinkering with gadgets like mobile phones and tablets just to see how they work? Have you ever wanted to tear your laptop open whenever it started to slow down? That’s the engineer in you acting up. And if you’ve been looking for job opportunities for mechanical design engineers, there are good agencies around that can help you. But you don’t just dive into the next job opening you see. You have to be sure that the company and the position will support and develop the skill that you already have. Here are 4 steps to find the right place for you in the vast world of engineering.

1. Do your research on the different fields of engineering that you think you belong to.

This knowledge will let you feel out what appeals to you the most. Read up as much as you can on the fields you’re interested in before making a final decision.

2. Figure out what it is you want to achieve in the career you’ll have.

Do you want to work in a team or by yourself? Will you be able to develop your skills in the field that you chose? Always think about how your strengths will affect the company you choose and vice versa.

3. Go to recruitment fairs.

Fairs are a good source of industry knowledge. Prepare to spend a day at a fair asking each company all you want to know, and applying for jobs you think will work for you.

4. Explore even the not-so-famous companies.

Most of the top engineering firms in the world come from the UK. Don’t just look into the famous ones. You’ll be surprised that there are small firms who design parts for spacecraft and other equipment used in outer space.

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Engineering has tons of roles and divisions that it could be hard to figure out where you actually belong. Following these steps will give you the clarity to decide on where and what you really want to be in the world of engineering.