a male electrician testing an industrial machineMany buildings are being constructed on a yearly basis. Electric connections are an essential part of all these modern constructions. Injuries are common when you let an amateur handle your electrical connections, however. Apart from the injuries, faulty connections might spark a fire and cause a huge loss. It’s, therefore, important to hire a professional electrical contractor in Arlington, TX for all your electric connections.

Electrical contractors specialize in particular applications, and you can hire these specialists to ensure your job is well done. Here are some types of electrical contractors:


These are the most common electrical contractors. They install breaker, fixtures and utilities, electrical interfaces for various technologies, and outlet and switch wiring for commercial and residential establishments. The electricians you hire should be certified according to your state regulations. Electrical works carried out by these licensed electricians should also be examined by local electrical inspectors.

HVAC Contractors

These electrical contractors work on residential and commercial heating and air conditioning (HVAC) units. These have complex electrical components with high voltage, which poses a significant hazard when exposed to water or high moisture content. Some states, therefore, might require a separate license for HVAC installation.

Low Voltage Contractors

The precise definition of “low voltage”  varies, but most states designate the term to anything below 600 VAC. Low voltage technologies use nominal voltage designated for carrying analog or data signals rather than raw electricity. Low voltage electrical contractors include alarm installers, computer network engineers, and telephone technicians.

The need for professional electrical work goes beyond installations in new constructions. Electrical systems and wiring are complicated, and DIY repairs might cause extensive damage to your property and its occupants. It’s best to have a qualified and licensed electrician instead to handle all electrical projects.

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