Employees having a meetingThe modern-day employee spends a good part of their week working. As a result, your office design is bound to have a significant impact on the morale of your employees and their productivity levels.

This effect trickles down to the type of office furniture you have, the paint scheme of your office and even the number of rooms it has. You will not only boost employee productivity with the right office design but also improve the impression you leave your clients when they visit.

Here are three creative tips to consider as you search for services for office design.

Work to minimise stress

The overall appeal of your office ought to make your employee feel valued. When deciding between any two design options, choose one that will alleviate stress levels.

For example, setting aside a comfortable room to hold impromptu meetings will result in less stress as conference rooms will not always be available on demand. Additionally, work to include comfortable working stations, preferably those you can easily adjust to the user’s sitting position.

Encourage employee interaction

To be honest, it is tough for an employee to think out-of-the-box while they are working, well, in a box. For this reason, try to eliminate cubicles in your office set-up. Not only will this ease the tension of being in an enclosed space, but it will also improve employee interaction and their overall productivity.

Choose appropriate office colours

Your office colour will help you work towards improving employee morale as different ones dictate different emotions. While colour green influences creativity, blue induces a sense of calm within the office.

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Additionally, red will give your employee an outburst of energy, while pink will introduce tranquillity into your office. Here are four colours that will help you improve productivity. Just be sure to choose one that represents your brand effectively.

The secret to optimal office productivity is to ensure the motivation to work comes from within the employees. With a good office design, they will feel motivated to work towards office goals and, consequently, your bottom line.