Approved Mortgage Application FormNow that you have identified your dream home, found a lender with the best mortgage rate in Utah and been pre-qualified for a loan, nothing could go wrong, right? Not necessarily. Altius Mortgage Group and other lenders warn that there are a few simple things you can do now that can throw the entire home buying process in jeopardy—even make you lose the house. Here are four of them.

Opening up a new line of credit

Your credit score was healthy when you applied for a mortgage. You want to keep it that way throughout the closing process of the loan. If you get another loan right now to buy a new car, appliance, or furniture, you could dent your FICO score. That’s enough reason for your lender to rethink your application.

Filing incorrect documents or missing them

Never think about falsifying any information as you apply for a mortgage. That sends a red flag to the lender and could land you in trouble. Not having the required documents is equally bad, if not worse. Take the time to prepare all the documents as you begin the application process. If the lender asks you for additional information, supply it promptly.

Changing employers or quitting

Your ability to repay the loan depends on the stability of your employment. If during the home buying process you switch jobs or decide to call it quits in your present place of employment, your behavior might alarm your lender. You need to wait until you have moved into your new home before making any drastic job changes.

Making late payments

Failure to keep up with your loan or credit payments as you make closing payments for your mortgage can damage your credit score. This can reduce your odds of getting the home. A quick solution is automating your payments through your bank account so that you never miss a payment.

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A home is never really yours until you have the keys to the front door in your hand. By being organized and remaining in your best behavior throughout the purchase, you can avoid delaying the process or losing the home altogether.