Man using a laptopWith more than 2.13 billion active Facebook users per quarter, you’d think that advertising on social media is the only way of reaching out to your target audience. However, social media can be so noisy and with everyone going online on social media every day, the chances of companies reaching the right people for conversation and engagement dwindle down.

That’s why it’s not advisable for companies to use social media alone for their marketing strategy. Here are some advantages of printed materials and why you should consider investing in printing franchise opportunities. As Signarama and other experts noted, it’s still a lucrative business if you truly know its importance in the industry.

You can create memorable products.

In digital marketing, it seems that video is the leading way to help spread information and increase page views. Sure, videos can create engagement and it can be a memorable product, but it doesn’t truly offer the experience printed materials can give.

With print, you can create memorable products that can be used daily, experienced daily, and shared offline without the need for technology. Print allows for the creation of more relatable products because you can touch, smell, and see it.

You can increase your company’s credibility.

There are many companies who use blogs to publish content that can increase their credibility. But just as easily, there are many ways to lose that credibility. With new tools that allow people to create a website and publish content, it’s easy to spread fake content too, especially if a company is only active and present online. Offline materials, such as brochures, books, posters, and pamphlets, help give the impression of higher credibility and legitimacy because these are tangible.

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You generate more focused readers/customers.

A study found that students prefer printed materials compared to digital counterparts when they read academic papers. This helps them stay focused because they don’t rely on the screen all that much. Many students also use highlighters to help them take notes, adding to more engaged readers. You can replicate this focus with printed materials such as brochures.

While digital media has a lot of benefits too, there is no denying the timeless powers of print. Keep these in mind and consider investing in a print franchise.