Filipino couple looking at their future houseApart from being hospitable, Filipinos are known for their thrifty nature. In fact, this characteristic has helped them save enough money to buy their own home. While it’s true that more people prefer to rent than buy, the country still has seen an increase in the number of homebuyers.

As one of these house hunters, you know how hard you’ve worked to make your finances meet. It’s only normal that you want to get everything right the first time. This means not only buying a house that you like in the exterior, but one that gives you the best quality for your money.

Accessibility: A commonly overlooked yet crucial factor

A common mistake amongst Filipino homebuyers is focusing solely on the price. It’s indeed one of the biggest considerations, but this doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing you should think of. If you want to live in a highly urbanized area, you have to consider the long hours of commute you could be facing.

Accessibility is a big factor in the home buying process, especially if a member of your household is studying or working in the capital’s busiest cities. After all, who wants to waste their time on the road.

Proximity: How being close to everything matters

Keep in mind that the proximity of your home to work, schools, police and fire stations, shopping malls, and many other establishments can have a drastic impact on the overall quality of your life. Imagine driving for 30 minutes to do the groceries or driving even longer than that to get to the hospital during an emergency. It’s a hassle you wouldn’t want to experience in the long run.

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This said, you shouldn’t skip proximity as you go shopping and comparing properties. Need proof? You may want to check reviews of Lancaster New City, Cavite or any other community outside Metro Manila to see just how big a contribution this factor plays for homeowners.

Location is king when it comes to real estate. It influences everything else related to homeownership, from the price to convenience and safety. Before falling into the temptation of buying a house because of its appearance, think about how its location can and will affect you and your family’s life.