Man holding a cameraTechnology has offered the world plenty of possibilities, and this includes the chance to record videos. Unlike in the past when videos were restricted to professionals or those who can afford video equipment, multiple devices (such as phones, tablets, and standalone cameras) have now made it possible for anyone to record life events of their choice.

Broadcasting Events as They Happen

Technology has advanced and has given anyone the ability to record and stream videos online. Some do it through social media sites (such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) for fun or inspiration, while others (like professionals and industry experts) make the most of it to help with their job.

The quality of the video varies since it all depends on the equipment. For some, it matters to get the best quality possible. This is especially true in general depositions in court. As and other legal experts noted, misunderstandings could arise due to technical problems. With the help of a professional, it’s possible to avoid all these since they have videographers who can setup high-end equipment that will provide a clear and accurate recording.

On the other hand, some people are okay with a lesser video quality as long as the footage (both audio and video) is still clear and it gets the message across. This is more applicable to viral videos.

Using Videos in a Professional Setup

Technology has made it possible to connect people all over the world. If you miss a loved one, you won’t bother sending a snail mail (although some still do). What most people do now is they give their loved ones a call. The same process goes if you need the advice or testimony of someone, but they can’t be with you personally.

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Audio and video conferencing, for instance, has made it possible for anyone to share information despite their location. If you’re working for a court reporting firm and you need the live deposition of your witness, you could hire experts who offer video conferencing services instead. This is especially helpful if the witnesses are from different cities and have their own responsibilities to do.

The ability to record and stream videos have changed our ways. It can now serve as a communication tool or an actual evidence that strengthens claims in court. It’s up to you how you’re going to maximize it.