Groom and bride kissing inside wedding marqueeWeddings can be difficult to plan, especially when you lack ideas about what you want it to look like. Fortunately, you can search for existing trends that you may want for your own wedding too.

Ranging from the large details such as wedding venue to the minutiae like the wedding cake, you can find one that may work for you.

Indoors in the Outdoors

First of all, starting with the big wedding elements, couples have been bringing the indoors to the outdoors. Outdoor weddings have been in style for quite some time already, but couples now want more comfort during their wedding receptions.

What’s more comfortable than your own living room? This means ottomans, couches, and other living room elements outside the home.

Tents for Shade

At the same time, tents have also become the go-to structure to keep the event safe from sun or rain. To follow the trend, you can use clearspan tent rentals that are translucent. With an outdoor wedding, a see-through tent allows people to see all around and appreciate their surroundings.

Contrast with the Environment

Now, with an outdoor wedding, you will most likely have a green environment. You can then contrast your green surroundings with colors that pop like red or blue. Your chairs, décor, and floral arrangements can espouse these colors to make your wedding pop out as well.

Light for the Night

Lighting can also help in making your wedding pop out. An outdoor wedding can feel more intimate using the right mix of soft lighting and flowers. In fact, you can even have the wedding ceremony at night and have lights all around you.

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Food and Drink Alternatives

How about your food and drinks? Many couples have gone down the organic and locally-sourced route to match with their personal sustainability principles. As for drinks, portable bars on wheels have become a popular option.

Meanwhile, in the cake department, to match the outdoor setting, nature-inspired confections have replaced the traditional white wedding cakes.

You can find many other trends that you can use as a stepping point for your personal ideas. Plan your dream wedding now!