Employees talkingThere are several factors that companies look into when it comes to employment, and police checks are just one of them. The good news about police checks is that several companies are more than willing to help you do a national police history checks more efficiently.

However, there are several factors that you need to know about background screenings.

1. Criminal background checks come from multiple databases.

One of the most common misunderstandings about background checks is that all information is coming from a single database.

However, all the criminal records are scattered in various locations from each county court and other federal criminal databases. So, retrieving the necessary information may take more than just a click of a button.

2. Police background check covers several factors.

Police background check does more than check your criminal records. The report also runs through your employment history and even education as well. Basic background investigations also include checking with the people related to you such as your friends and family.

3. Background checks and reference checks are done separately.

Although both reference and background checks are pre-employment requirements, both are two different processes altogether. Reference checks involve contacting a reference in your resume and asking them about their insights of you. Doing reference checks will give the employers an essential idea of how you are as an employee together with your strength and weaknesses.

4. Social media searches do not count as background checks.

Although a growing number of companies now rely on social media when referencing an applicant, it’s a background check. In fact, groups like the EEOC discredit social media background checks since they can be used to discriminate an applicant based on their religion and political affiliation.

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These are just a few factors that you need to know about background screenings. It’s always best to ask assistance from companies who specialize in doing police background checks to make the process much more comfortable for both the company and its applicants.