Office mates smilingThe trend of shared office spaces has reached New Zealand, and it has become the novel solution to the strong demand for offices in the country.

CBRE New Zealand said the co-working areas, otherwise known as activity-based or agile working, has led to some significant changes in the office property market. The company based its observation from 126,000 square metres of space and 9,000 workstations.

Game-changing trend

The emergence of co-working offices certainly bodes well for furniture manufacturers. From reception counters to office desks, several companies have begun to realise that setting up flexible areas can reduce their building expenses and even attract talents. Millennials, for instance, consider shared offices to be an attractive place for work that aligns with their penchant for something unique.

Zoltan Moricz, CBRE New Zealand head of research, said the trend only showed that more companies want to maximise the use of offices. This manifested in companies that moved into a flexible office set-up, where they occupied 10% less space than their old buildings since 2014.

Free rent

Start-up companies are usually the perfect candidates for shared working areas since it offers the same amenities for a lower price tag. If your new business has existed for less than two years, has an established development plan and employ not more than six employees, then you have the chance to win one year of free rent at the B:HIVE.

Smales Farm launched a competition and would choose one start-up company that successfully stakes its claim for promising growth prospects. Interested companies may submit their application until May 18.

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Demand for office space in New Zealand remains strong, which led to the emergence of co-working spaces. If you have extra space in your office, it may be best to think about redesigning it and leasing the area.