Shreds in the trashOne can never be too careful these days — especially with sensitive and confidential documents that may end up in the wrong hands. Identity theft and stolen bank details are but a few of the potentially dangerous crimes that you can fall prey to if your printed files are not disposed of the right way.

In relation to that, a movement exists to reduce and eventually eliminate landfill waste, including paper materials for reuse and recycle. Turning over your documents carelessly to any waste management facility or service is still a major concern, however. After all, doing so allows just anyone to sift through your important data without your knowledge.

Options for Disposing Confidential Documents

Below are ways to ensure that your paper waste, whether at home or in the office, is correctly disposed of, or that all delicate information is removed:

  • Pulping – soaking the documents in water with diluted bleach to render the print illegible and break down the sheets
  • Incineration – burning the sheets (not advisable due to potential danger and negative environmental effects)
  • Shredding – using a machine to cut and tear the papers into strips. The papers can be double-shredded to further render the print unreadable.

Trusting Professional Services

Out of these three options, shredding is the more convenient and environment-friendly choice. But if you are disposing of a large amount of materials, it can be inconvenient and downright unproductive to spend so much time and effort doing it yourself.

This is where professional, confidential shredding services come in. Total waste management companies have the equipment for large-density shredding and will take sensitive printed files to a secure facility for disposal and recycling. That minimises these risks:

  1. Criminals having access to your confidential documents, as opposed to throwing them in bins or ending up in landfills
  2. Inefficient shredding that could potentially leave some documents decipherable
  3. Stagnant sensitive files that take a long time to shred if you do it yourself, therefore leaving it vulnerable to rummagers
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Consult a total waste management company about their facilities and recycling processes, and if their confidential shredding services can be included in the paper recycling packages they offer.