Friends eating out at a restaurantAmericans seem to be dining out at least one out of three meals every day. However, the fast food chains are the ones who benefit the most from this trend. People like their food fast and cheap. If they go out for fine dining though, they want the experience to be worth it. If you’re in this business, make sure that you all got the important things covered.


First, consult a commercial lighting company in Tampa, Florida, like AMPRO, as lighting is one of the major factors that contribute to a fine dining atmosphere. Lighting would still depend on the theme, but generally, you want it not to be too dim or too bright. Guests also want to have a bit of privacy even when dining out, so make sure that you have well thought of the layout. Other concerns you want to address are noise control and sticking to the overall concept of the motifs and decor.

Customer service

Guests at fine dining restaurants surely don’t expect speedy service like what they would get from fast food chains. It’s more of the warmth, attentiveness, and attention to extra details that the staff provides to the customers. It’s in the little things like a friendly and genuine smile and making sure that the guest’s glass is always refilled with water. Your staff should also be well briefed on how to handle and manage customer complaints.

Food quality

It should be a given that your food is worth the price and the hype. In addition to that, you need to ensure that presentation is on point—from the arrangement to the choice of plates and platters. Customers also take notice of the food temperature, so make sure that you immediately have them served as soon as plating is finished. Lastly, your servers must be well aware of all the meals served and the ingredients for each.

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The correlation between the price and other factors affecting the experience of each customer may differ. But it can’t be denied that the top three things that have an impact on experience are the atmosphere, service, and food.