Couple enjoying London tourVisiting London is one of the most exciting things that you can do. Whether you are a student or professional from another city or country, you will undoubtedly be squealing with fun and thrill as the Harry Potter and Doctor Who vibes start to pour in.

As they say, when in Rome, do as what Romans do. The same may apply to your London visit, as it will help you enjoy the city more. Blending in like a local does not require you to develop a British accent. Brits can tell if you are faking an accent.

Here are some handy pointers for you.

Do not stay in a hotel

You may be tempted to stay at a hotel. But if you think of it, a hotel is quite contained. It keeps you from what is happening outside the city. To expose you to what is going on, it will be loads better if you choose a humble accommodation where you can easily observe the daily life of the locals. For one, you can book accommodations for students and young professionals in London.

Eat what locals eat

If you really want to know about the cultural history of a place, you need to eat what the locals eat. Food tells a lot about the place and trying it may help you grasp the richness and layers of local heritage. Among the items you should try are the Sunday Roast, Yorkshire pudding, steak and kidney pie, and bangers.

Watch the telly

British TV shows can be consumed anywhere in the world, but it will still be different if you watch them on local telly. Watching the news, the shows, and even the comedies can give you an idea how Londoners entertain themselves.

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These are just some things to consider if you want to live like a London local. Do not try had; be comfortable.