New white coach bus moves along freeway through beautiful scenery on a sunny day of summer.With all the popularity of car hire, you would think that it is a simple process. The reality is that there are so many little details that most people find confusing. Here are four things you should not do when you hire a coach in Sydney.

Failing to compare agencies

Sure, nobody likes having to walk around just looking for a rental vehicle. Still, it is important to know that different agencies can provide vastly differing rates. Even a few minutes spent online comparing different offers can save you some money.

Prepaying for fuel

It is understandable that you may want to save every minute when it comes to travelling. Perhaps you are worried about wasting extra time on your way back to the airport.

Still, if you can help it, you should always fuel the vehicle yourself, unless you are convinced that you will return the vehicle with an empty tank. That is because if you let the agency fuel the vehicle for you, you will almost always pay for much more than doing it yourself.

Buying insurance

If your own auto insurer already covers you, then do not accept to be charged for insurance at the car rental. However, it is important to confirm with your provider if the coverage they offer includes rental vehicles. Some rental agencies trap unsuspecting clients into buying insurance they do not even need.

Not conducting a thorough inspection

One of the worst mistakes you can make is failing to check the condition of a rental vehicle prior to departure. Chances are you will get charged for any dents, scratches and other damage the car has when you return it.

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So, inspect both the inside and the exterior of the car to note any blemishes that might be present, so you are not charged for things you are not responsible for.

Hiring a car is anything but simple, and unless you are careful, you could end up making mistakes that lead to unnecessary expenses. As you go about the process, vigilance is your best ally.