driving man from inside the carWindshield damage is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. Extensive damage typically calls for replacement rather than repair. There are times, however, when a repair will not fix your issue. There are various windshield DIY repair kits on the market.

These kits only hold your glass for a few days and might lead to extensive damage. Windshield repair experts based in Mesa, AZ use resin rather than patches for windscreen repair. The resin is an epoxy meaning it is used as a bonding material to seal your windshield’s damage. Here are some tidbits to help you understand this expert repair option.

Types of Resin

There are different types of resins based on their viscosity. Resin viscosity ranges from 20cps to 1500cps whose thickness resembles honey. The ideal resin for your windshield depends on the extent of its damage. Deep windshield damage requires highly viscous resin for efficient repair. Most of the resin sold in shops is about 50cps and hence primarily inefficient.

Application of Resin

The repair process begins with the application of resin to the damaged area using an injector and a vacuum. It then undergoes a curing process under UV light. UV curing of the resin requires expertise to use the right amount of light and for the ideal period.  Curing takes 15-60 minutes depending on the extent of the damage.

Advantages of Using Windshield Resin

The resin hardens and expands when efficiently cured to fill any cracks in your windshield. This way it prevents the existing damage from spreading further and strengthens the damaged area. Other repair options will not stop your windscreen’s damage from spreading and might sometimes weaken the glass at the point of application.

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Damage to your windscreen is at times inevitable. You should, however, ensure it is professionally handled to prevent further issues in future and costly replacement. Getting an expert to handle your resin repair instead of using store-bought DIY kits is the efficient way to repair your windshield.