wild bird feederYour choice of a birdhouse will depend on your current location, the birds that you intend to attract, and the natural landscapes that surround your house.

The loss of habitat has made many birds depart their natural nesting areas. However, the right outdoor birdhouses might bring back your favorite birds. If you’re interested in keeping birds coming back to your backyard, here are some of the most important things you should pay attention to when getting a birdhouse.

Birdhouse Construction Materials

Most birds prefer nesting in birdhouses made of untreated and natural wood materials. While the outside part of the house can be stained, painted or have metal details, the interior should be pure natural wood. Varnished wood, treated wood, plastic, and acrylics do not make good houses for birds because they absorb and retain a lot of heat. Concrete birdhouses, on the other hand, provide security against predators but requires a lot of ventilation.

The Color of the Birdhouse

If you prefer a painted birdhouse, ensure that the color you select will attract the type of birds you want to keep. However, note that the concern with color lies more on how it blends in with the environment or how it reflects light. For instance, if you want to attract the Purple Martins, buy a white colored birdhouse. For the other breeds, choose colors, such as grey, green, dark tan, and other natural colors.

Ventilation and Drainage of the Birdhouse

The birdhouse of your choice should have drainage holes at the bottom of the box to release moisture easily. These holes should be tiny such that they are enough to get rid of moisture but do not allow in the cold. On the other hand, ventilation should be present at the top of the wall just below the roof to allow sufficient airflow while keeping away rain, snow, and wind.

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After setting up a birdhouse, do not expect a bird to come in the following day. This is because most birds prefer weathered houses. As such, it might take one or two seasons for your favorite bird to occupy the birdhouse.