Stacked plates, dishes and cutleryNot all pie dishes are created equal. And normally, choosing a pie dish is based on personal preference, the material of the dish, or the way that it looks. But, here is one pie dish that has all of the elements you are looking for.

The Material: Enamel

If you do not have one in your baking arsenal, now is the perfect time to buy enamel pie dishes. This material is a combination of steel and glass. The result is a sturdy material coated with a highly protective material. Enamel pie dishes are made of steel that is moulded into shape and is coated with liquid enamel mixture that contains small glass particles.

It gives a smooth finish that looks nice and is very resilient. This coating reinforces the strength of the steel dish and is known for its fantastic thermal properties. Its surface is also best at staying bacteria-free and is pretty easy to clean.

The Design: Classic White with Blue Rim

This iconic baking dish style has been around for a long time and is making quite a comeback these days. The clean, classic design with an understated elegance is extremely appealing yet does not take the focus away from the beauty of the food that you put in it.

If you love baking, taking pictures of your food, or simply looking for a sturdy baking tool, this is the pie dish for you.

The Reason You Need to Have One

As enamel pie dishes have excellent thermal properties — they keep food warmer or cooler for longer periods, it is the easiest baking dish to use.

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It can also go straight from oven to table or oven to fridge and vice versa, which makes it a completely hassle-free baking tool. It is easy to use, clean and store. Best of all, it looks timeless and elegant — a real keeper.

Got weekend baking plans? Get your enamel pie dishes today.