Handyman checking thermostatHome insulation is essential for every property. It keeps you warm during the winter season and regulates the flow of air during the summer. But its inspection and maintenance are almost always ignored until it is too late.
Whether you have lived for a long time in your home, or transferred to a new house, insulation is something that you should keep in check. Here are some tell-tale signs that will help you know when to call a professional.

Fluctuating Temperature

Fluctuating temperature is a common sign of improper home insulation. Because of leaks and gaps, the temperature in every room varies.

Mould and Mildew

Mould and mildew often grow in moist and damp places. Such an environment is common when a house is not properly insulated. Check your attics, walls, and ceilings as these are the most common spots where dampness and moisture are prevalent.

Pest Infestation

Pests like rats, cockroaches, and other unwanted insects are also an obvious sign that your home has become a conducive environment for these pests. Check the attic and the basement if there are areas which are damp and warm. These areas could be conducive to such pests.

Surging Energy Bills

When your home is not adequately insulated, your HVAC system will work harder to give you the comfortable temperature that you desire. This inevitably leads to surging energy bills. Fixing your insulation will reduce your monthly expenses for energy consumption.

Ageing Insulation

Home insulation can last at least half a century depending on the material used. But if you bought an old house and you are not sure of the kind of insulation used, ask your renovator to replace the old insulation to prevent future problems or issues.
Moving into a new home is exciting, but you need to make sure that your home is comfortable and does not cause any problems for your family. Contact your home insulation contractor and see how they can help you.
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