Printing machinePrinting is an important part of a successful business. In-house printing, if not done right, may result in shoddy work and will project a poor image of your business. If that’s the case, a professional printing company should handle all your corporate printing needs.

There are many options when it comes to companies that offer printing services in Australia. One of these is the coating of your paper. The coating protects your paper, highlights your message and makes your prints look professional.

Here are some coatings you might choose for your prints:

Aqueous Coating

This is a water-based, fast-drying matte or high-gloss coating that protects your paper from fingerprints and dirt. Aqueous coating is the ideal choice for prints that will be mailed since it improves their durability and protects them on transit. It is typically used for presentation folders, catalogue covers, and brochures. Aqueous coated papers are also safer to the environment compared to UV and varnish coated ones.

Varnish Coating

This is essentially clear ink coating. It can be matte, satin or gloss and comes in a spot or flood varnish. Flood varnish covers your whole printed page and offers a sheen and protection. A spot varnish is used to highlight particular areas of your prints and add depth or shine to them. This might include your images and logo, among other details you want to stand out.

UV Coating

This coating is cured through exposure to UV light, which dries and hardens it. UV coating offers the highest level of gloss but is prone to cracking when the paper is folded because of its hardness and thickness. Like varnish coatings, UV may be applied in a flood or spot fashion.

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Regardless of the coating you use for your print, make sure you use coated paper for best results. Uncoated paper allows your coating to run into its valleys, creating smudges. Coated paper, on the other hand, ensures that the coating holds out and spreads smoothly across your print’s surface.