Packaging Solution ServiceAgriculture is not the strongest economic driver in Utah. In fact, many of its arable lands have already undergone conversion to communities and commercial areas. It doesn’t mean, though, it no longer has food manufacturing companies and sellers. Some of them export their goods across the states or overseas.

In other words, some businesses can suffer serious problems such as food contamination. This issue can occur even when the food is in transit. For this reason, companies need to invest in the right container and packaging supply here in Salt Lake City.

How Contamination Can Occur during Transport

A lot of things can happen to food while it’s on the way. Back in the 1980s, the General Accounting Office (GAO) revealed a report stating how some trucks combine garbage and food. To be more specific, since they were multipurpose, they haul waste after they delivered food products (or vice versa).

Both items were separate, but the bacteria from the trash could linger on the trucks, contaminating the food products. The report was even the basis for the 1990 law called Sanitary Food Transportation Act. The food may also experience contamination because of the environment inside the truck.

It may promote excessive moisture or humidity, which may increase the growth of bacteria. Another reason is when the manufacturer places different types of produce closely. An example is when lettuce boxes are sitting near a bucket of dressed chicken.

How to Resolve the Problem

The best way to prevent food contamination during transport is to follow the law. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires those that deliver to not only clean the vehicle in between loads but also to protect the food at all costs.

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It’s also critical for the businesses themselves to establish and maintain safety and hygiene standards. For instance, no one should touch the food product if they come from the bathroom. They have to wear the proper uniform and equipment when transporting or handling these goods.

Food poisoning is just one of the problems when there’s contamination. It can potentially cause the decline of sales and destroy the business. Putting the safety of the consumers first is the right approach to avoid these.