worker with toolbelt and hard hatAs of 2017, the construction industry creates about 30,000 jobs every month, making it one of the leading sources of employment. It translates into an increase of 7,000 jobs over the previous year’s numbers.

Such developments spell good news for anyone looking to make a foray into this lucrative sector. For the best results, you need to get on a credible construction jobs list. Doing so takes the stings out of the job search process.

1. Make a great first impression

Since you are going up against stiff competition to secure that elusive spot, you can’t afford to be just another job applicant. PeopleReady will say the same. You need to give both your application letter and CV a shine to make it stand out. You have a three-second window to impress the average hiring manager.

Tailor your letter to the job and avoid making it too much about yourself. Convince the hiring manager that you are likely to be an asset to the company. You can do this by carrying out in-depth research about the company

From there, you can highlight how some of your qualities and experiences are handy in helping them accomplish those goals.

2. Pick the right jobs

Construction projects are often capital-intensive and operate on tight deadlines. Missing deadlines or delivering subpar projects come with hefty fines and losses. Therefore, recruiters are quick to root out people applying for jobs beyond their skills and capabilities.

If you are just starting out and have not experienced, pick the jobs that require from little to no experience. Your most immediate goal is to get a job and use that first job as a stepping stone. Once you’re on the payroll, you have an opportunity to learn any skill while on the job.

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With the construction industry on an upward swing, you stand better chances of securing a job even with little experience. However, you need to make a big impression on your application to stay ahead of the competition.