Becoming Truck DriverDriving trucks is a good choice whether you’re considering it as a main profession or a secondary job. For one, it can provide stable income and two, you’d get to visit new places and meet new people. However, driving trucks for a living is not for everyone. Before checking truck driving jobs out there, read this guide on how to become a truck driver:

Why Consider a Truck Driving Job

Being a truck driver has many advantages. Newbies can earn $30,000 each year, according to, whereas drivers who have been in the industry for decades can generate a six-figure annual earning. Newbie or not, the wage for driving trucks is higher by 36% than jobs in the private sector.

Another advantage of being a truck driver is that you can work on your hours. You can choose which trucking assignments to accept and not.

Trucking jobs also promise stability (but will depend on your commitment). According to the American Trucking Associations, the country is in great need of truck drivers that even foreign workers are encouraged to apply and fill in available positions.

What it Takes to be a Truck Driver

Some people think that driving a truck for a living is cool, but that’s not true at some point. Your self-discipline is always put to test when you’re a truck driver. If you cannot commit to driving for long hours, being on the road for days or weeks, and just eating fast food, then trucking is not for you.

Requirements to Become a Truck Driver

To start a career as a truck driver, you need to apply for a commercial driver’s license. You should also complete training by enrolling in a CDL training school. The tuition fee varies by region, school, and type of license. After you’ve completed your requirements, you can then apply for entry-level jobs. Lower your expectations, though, because most entry-level trucking jobs are offered by long-haul carriers. That means driving that takes weeks or even months.

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Trucking is a demanding job, but it offers good income and stability. Following the tips above will help you become a truck driver in no time.