Happy group of people Moving to a new home is equally parts exciting and stressful. But you can always forget the “stressful” part, especially that the move offers you a fresh perspective and clean slate to start your life again.

Moving to a new neighbourhood will certainly require you to meet your new neighbours. Remember, you’re going to live there for some time (or permanently). After all, your neighbours will be the first people who can offer you help in case you need it.

The best way to meet your neighbours is through a simple lunch or dinner. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when you move into new apartments in Perth.

Know what to prepare

You surely don’t know what your neighbours actually like, so you had better prepare safe and savoury choices. Prepare meats and veggies, such as beef, pork, asparagus, and tomatoes. If you want to keep it classic and classy, canapes, sandwiches, and steaks make a great choice.

Set the time

You have to choose the time, and you must make sure that your neighbours will be able to attend it. For them to prepare, you can have them over a little over 12. The lunch can even extend to an afternoon tea if the conversations become interesting. And make the schedule a weekend.

Be ready with conversation starters

The purpose of the lunch is for you to get to know your neighbours well. So you have to prepare conversation starters. Tell them something about yourself and your family. But don’t monopolise the conversation. Let them tell their stories.

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These are just some of the things to keep in mind when organising a lunch with your new neighbours. The best piece of advice: keep things simple and classy.