Man Cleaning Car's WindshieldWindshield damage is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. This part is exposed to various debris and accidents, which cause cracks and other forms of damage. Most vehicle owners assume that repairing cracks in their windshields merely involves a DIY repair kit.

Windshield repair, however, involves much more than store-bought do-it-yourself kits. Expert windshield repair shops in Mesa, NZ use different tools and materials that require a high level of expertise to achieve a perfect job. Here are some of them:

UV Curing Lights

Ultraviolet curing lights are used in auto glass repair shops to dry the resin and other compounds used in windshield repair. For small cracks and damaged areas, low voltage lights are used while for extensive damage, 15 watts of UV light is the ideal option. The UV light also strengthens your windshield in addition to drying the resin within seconds.

Repair Resins

These involve chemicals and adhesives that seal damaged areas on your windshield. Your auto repair specialist will match your windshield type and damage extent to the ideal resin. This minimizes the damage and additional cracks caused by store-bought resins. Low viscosity resins are used to fill small cracks while long cracks will require the use of a high viscosity resin.


These pressure syringes are used to apply resins directly on a windshield’s damaged area. Professional injectors are designed to minimize leaks of resins, which might cause damage to other areas. They also have better performance, vacuum, and pressure compared to store-bought injectors.

It is impossible to stock up all the above tools to use anytime your windshield gets a crack or any other damage. You can, however, benefit from the tools by getting your windshield professionally repaired at a trusted auto glass repair shop. There’s no reason to attempt DIY measures to fix your windshield.

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