Business and Franchise OpportunitiesWhen is a snack more than a snack? When it’s a life-saver. It’s that rope thrown at you when you’re hungry, but the next big meal is not due for two hours. It’s your salvation when you’re stuck somewhere and can’t get to a place that offers decent food.

Now, imagine being the one that offers such a life-saver to your customers. Here’s why snacks are a good business opportunity:

They’re Marketable

Who doesn’t crave for fries from time to time? Cupcakes? Chicken nuggets? Pretzels? Thanks to their marketability, and the proven recipe that comes with pretzel franchise opportunities, you will not run out of eager customers. It’s up to you to use the initial foot traffic to turn your budding business into a part of the community. After all, there are plenty of snack opportunities in a day.

They’re Customizable

Big companies do it; small companies are not far behind. Limited-edition flavors crop up from time to time to reignite the interest in a shop’s products. During the height of the questionable popularity of tide pods, businesses wasted no time to offer completely edible imitations. Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un’s meeting was marked by timely menu additions paying homage to both American and Korean cuisine. For any new occasion that comes up, your snack can get a boost in sales by offering a clever take on the celebration.

They’re Inexpensive

Snacks are perfect for those who are looking for a quick and inexpensive way to quench their hunger. What’s a slice of pizza before you grab lunch with friends? What’s an afternoon pretzel after work when you know you’ll be stuck in traffic for hours? These easily become a part of the person’s routine because they don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get their favorite snack.

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You may think your snacks are not important to customers, but it becomes a big part of their day. And with their patronage, you’ll have a successful business on your hands.