Worker fixing sewer line pipeNo homeowner desires to stumble on plumbing malfunctions, especially when it means breaking the bank. Remember, your home’s sewer is beyond the pipes you see buried underground. It’s sophisticated, but could be easy to monitor, especially when there are issues, such as leaks, clogs, and cracks. This guide provides insights on signs of sewer malfunction. Have a look.

Presence of foul smell

Smelling gas from your sewer line should raise an alarm that there’s an opening or crack somewhere in your sewer. An excellent sewer system is airtight and doesn’t produce any smell unless there are plumbers who have opened it to carry out repairs. In the event this happens, call your local plumbers for a specialized remedy.

Slow drain

Slow sewage flow is another glaring indicator of a damaged plumbing line. It’s also a sign of clog build-up in the drains and pipes. Therefore, you must watch out for these signs while using your sink and bathtub. Check the behavior of your toilets when flushing them. If you experience backups, then there is a technical hitch somewhere that requires urgent attention.

Septic waste buildup

While at home, you need to watch out for septic pooling, especially in the yard. All Hours Plumbing and Drain Cleaning recommends contacting repairs and replacement technicians for urgent fixing. When clogging happens, the waste backs up and the pressure builds up. As a result, the sewage is forced out of the drains through other openings like broken airtight lids. A cracked septic tank or main pipe will also cause the pooling.

Fortunately, sewer line damage is easy to detect. Watching out for the above signs ensures that you take the necessary steps before the problem gets out of hand. Hiring plumbing professionals mean getting the best experience and value out of your home sewer.

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