Hikers on a MountainAnyone who has endeavored to visit Switzerland has most likely been swayed by the majestic and picturesque landscape of its great outdoors. From glaciers and Alps to clear lakes, Switzerland has a lot to offer, and you can see them by taking hiking tours offered by travel agencies like Alpenwild to any of these hot destinations.

1. Lavaux Vineyards

Hikes don’t always need to be tiresome events that require you to be physically fit to a degree to participate. You can visit the Lavaux vineyards, considered as a premier wine destination in Switzerland. The history of the Lavaux vineyards stretches back to the Roman Empire. So if you want a tour that allows you to enjoy a historic and scenic view of the region while allowing you to sip on wine as you move along, then this is the perfect escape.

2. Hornliweg

Tourists who are up for a bit of adventure to one of Switzerland hiking tours’ popular destinations would do well to go to Hornliweg. This stop in Zermatt offers a close-to-nature experience, as it gives great views of the country’s highest peaks and ski resort. Zermatt is also the location to get close to the Matterhorn, a peak that several climbers love.

3. Verbier’s Lac de Louvie Path

Day hikes and tours are also available in Switzerland, and to make the most out of this, you may want to try going to Verbier. A series of various rides—including a gondola to Les Ruinettes—and strolls give views of the Val de Bagnes. Hikers will then arrive at the Lac de Louvie, which is a lake that also has quite a bit of history attached to its stone barns. Best of all, you can also get a view of the Grand Combin massif and forest leading to Fionnay village.

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There’s definitely a lot to do in Switzerland, enough to make any adventure junkie enjoy every day of their trip. Get a good hiking tour, so you get to your destination easily and armed with more knowledge about Swiss culture and history.