Rack of clothesAre you planning to start a fashion import business in the Philippines? This is your go-to guide in making it a successful reality. It includes shipping and shopping tips to maximize your profits while offering customers quality fashion goods at reasonable prices.

Find an overseas fashion goods manufacturer who can give the best wholesale prices

The best way to maximize your profits is by finding and partnering with a manufacturer who can give you the best wholesale prices. While this may incur shipping costs, you can get the services of a reliable forwarding company in the Philippines to assist you in achieving the lowest freight costs possible without compromising the safety and delivery of the goods.

Also, these forwarding companies facilitate the smooth and successful entry of the products to the country. Thus, they help make import easy, cost-effective, and less intimidating.

Set up your capital

To get fashion goods at the lowest prices possible, you usually have to purchase large quantities of it. In turn, it may require a large amount of capital. Thus, it’s important to have this capital determined as you start the business.

Alongside this, you also have to find markets for your products. These markets can be partnerships with resellers, department stores, online sellers, boutiques, and other businesses who can benefit from your prospect low wholesale/retail prices.

Secure the necessary permits and licenses

To have a great and smooth start in the import business in the Philippines, you have to secure the permits and licenses needed. These documents assure that you’re running a legitimate enterprise.

In importing fashion goods, first, you have to register as an importer. Visit the Philippines’ Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and get an Import Clearance Certificate. Next, visit the Bureau of Customs (BOC) and set up your account in their Client Profile Registration System (CPRS).

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Setting up an import business in the Philippines doesn’t have to be too daunting. By having the right guide such as this article, you’re on your way to establishing a successful and smooth-sailing fashion import business.