Open sign on a new business franchiseYou’ve probably heard the adage “location is everything”, and this holds true when looking for a place to put your new sub-franchise in. Getting the location right from the start is one of the most vital things you need to do when starting your franchise business. Because even if you have a winning product, how would anyone know about it if they can’t find it?

To help you out, answer the following questions when evaluating potential sites for your sub-franchise:

  • How’s the foot traffic of the site? More importantly, is it near people who you want to target as customers, and is the area’s population density enough for your sales requirements?
  • Is the area zoned for your specific business type?
  • Is it big enough? For example, do you have room for retail, workroom, storage, and office spaces?
  • Do you find the rent and lease terms fine?
  • Is the site easily accessible or near public transport? What about the parking space?
  • Would you need to make any repairs to the space? What about the layout? What kind of repairs would you need to make? What about existing utilities—HVAC, ventilation, lighting, etc.?
  • Is it possible for you to find employees who live near the site?
  • Is the general area consistent with how you want your target customers to view your image and business?
  • Is the area safe? What’s the crime rate?
  • Would you have to take into account seasonal changes when operating in the area?
  • Would you need to add more lighting outdoors and other safeguards to make customers feel safe in the area?
  • Are there any other businesses near your site? If so, is it possible that their customers would patronize your business as well?
  • What about nearby competitors? Would you be open to competition?
  • Could your vendors deliver conveniently in the area?
  • If you expand your franchise in the future, could the site accommodate it?
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Don’t forget to keep your strategic goals in mind when looking at potential locations as well. Likewise, consider checking out nearby businesses to see if they have a sufficient flow of customers. Put simply—you need to do your due diligence, ask lots of questions, and do your research before you decide on the best place to put up your franchise business.