Doctor checking guy's backOccupational therapists help mentally, physically or emotionally disabled patients improve their everyday lives. Occupational therapy is physically demanding. Carers stand for long periods of time and lift patients to move them from one place to another. Providing care can take its toll on the body and the most common pain experienced by carers is back pain.

Learn the three ways to ease back pain for carers:

1. Improve Sleeping Positions

The amount of rest carers get is important. 7-9 hours of sleep is the ideal amount of sleep for adults 18-64 years old. For people who lie on their backs, putting a pillow under their knees often helps them get better sleep. For people who lie on their sides, placing a pillow in between their knees keeps the spine in a neutral position. It is best to avoid sleeping on the stomach it as It causes the neck and head to twist which can cause stress on the back.

2. Do Regular Exercise and Eat a Balanced Diet

Excess weight means excess stress on the body. Excess fat in the chest and stomach area can cause additional back pain. A healthy, balanced diet with regular exercise that focuses on the core and flexibility will reduce the strain on the lower back by stretching the muscles.

3. Acquire Mobility Equipment

Manually lifting a patient is a major cause of carers’ back pain. Mobility equipment helps patients go about their lives in a safe and efficient manner. There are lifting hoists for sale in the market that help carers transfer patients from the bed to the wheelchair suitable for hospitals, nursing homes or private home use.

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Occupational therapists provide care to patients. However, occupational therapists require care as well. Carers need to remember not to neglect their own well-being so that they can provide the care that is so important for so many people with difficulties.