modern workplaceSafety signs are a must in every workplace to ensure the safety of all employees, especially those who are exposed to hazardous materials and risks such as falls or slips. But how do you know if your fire and safety signs at work are effective? Here are a few questions that you might want to ask yourself to know if the signs and warnings you install will work as they should.

Are They Easy to Understand?

You have to ensure that the texts and graphics on your signs are clear, accurate, and straight to the point. Some people might only disregard them if your signs fail to deliver the message accurately.

Do They Identify All Hazards?

One of the very reasons companies put up safety signs is to ensure that everyone is notified of any hazard in a certain area. So, you have to identify all potential risks in every part of the facility. This should include various locations outside and inside the facility.

Do They Include Specific Graphics?

People’s brains tend to process graphics and images quicker than words. That’s why it’s essential to use graphics that are straightforward and can convey what the warning is all about. Adding a symbol that clearly shows what would happen if you miss following the warning is also effective to register fear.

Are They Visible to Everyone?

You have to position the signs in areas where they’re clearly visible and readable even from a distance. They should also be placed in locations where they can draw the most attention to an existing hazard.

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One of the best ways to ensure that everyone understands the safety signs is to conduct safety training and discuss with your workers all the pictographs used in the safety signs. You should also choose a manufacturer who can provide you with quality supplies of safety and hazard signs.