for sale sign outside of house with gardenPeople buy a new house for many reasons. It may be because of a new job or a change to a personal relationship. Whatever it may be, those relocating to a new community would need to find a way to sell their old home.

People buy a new house for many reasons. Perhaps you’ve heard about home buying companies who offer cash for homes in their current condition. For many homeowners, this is a great opportunity to profit from their old house without spending additional money on a renovation. Here are some scenarios where it is wiser to sell your home as-is instead of fixing it up for profit.

Unoccupied for Long Periods of Time

If you have a property that’s sitting idly and remain vacant for long periods of time, chances are it’s not getting the right amount of maintenance it needs to remain in good shape compared to a home that’s lived-in. Selling the property as-is may be a wiser move as the money you get from it can be used for something more productive and you can cut down on maintenance cost on a house you only use periodically.

Work Relocation

If your employer is assigning you to another location, you might want to consider selling your home in its current state rather than fixing it up before putting it on the market. Repairs and renovations can take up months. You may not have enough time to wait for the completion of the project and might even be investing in changes that a buyer isn’t willing to pay a premium for. When you’re in the process of relocating, it’s better to have your home prepped and staged to attract buyers who prefer move-in ready properties and are eager to take it off your hands.

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When Repairs are Over the Budget

Most home sellers want to make a profit from selling their old home. However, some old houses are considered outdated and not as efficient as newer homes are. If this is an old house, chances are it was bought at a much lower cost and selling it as-is can still give you a considerable amount of profit, even if you sold it in its current state, without updating anything at all.

And although there is nothing wrong with sellers wanting to make a significant amount of profit from selling their home, there are times it’s actually wiser and more cost-efficient to enlist the assistance of a home buying company to get a close on the property rather than waiting for a sale for an indefinite amount of time.