Chicken EatingThe best chicken feeds are specially formulated to provide your poultry animals the best nutrition that they deserve. Same with choosing other typical animal feed, you need to know the right feed for your chicken. Here are the basic types of grain feed to help your flock grow perfectly.

Starter Feeds

Your newly hatched chicks need the nourishment to ensure its growth. Chicks whose ages are from 0–10 weeks old need at least higher protein rations than the rest of the flock. The protein level will ensure that the broilers and roasters will grow to their maximum. However, this may not be ideal for egg-laying chickens.

Grower Feeds

Soon after the newly hatched chicks have reached ten weeks of age, you may finally change their feeds to grower feeds. These types of feeds contain at least 15% to 16% of protein, which should sustain their growth as they mature. There are a few manufacturers that combine starter and grower feeds for the chicks, while others do not.

Layer Feeds

Specially formulated for egg-laying chicken, layer feeds are a type of feed contains at least 16% of protein with an increased level of Calcium to help develop a much stronger shell for the chickens. The layer feeds are often fed during their 18 weeks of age, giving them enough nutrients even before they start laying eggs.

Broiler Feeds

Broiler feeds are suitable for meat chickens and contain at least 20% or 22% protein to help them build more muscles. This type of feed is great for hybrid chickens, such as Cornish Cross, ducks, and even turkeys.

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Choosing the right chicken feed for your poultry animals is great for their growth. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right kind of products for your farm animals’ needs. Choose a supplier that can offer you with fresh and nutritious feed that your animals will love.