Kitchen AreaWhether you’re updating your kitchen so that you can fetch top dollar on the resale of your house, or simply want a new look for the heart of your home, you don’t need to spend a lot or change everything to get that space looking good as new again.

Make A Big Change with a New Backsplash

Few things make an impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen than the right backsplash. Change your backsplash to breathe new life in your kitchen by using updated materials available today. You can even do it yourself with the right amount of time and motivation. Find tile tools online to DIY this project and learn a new skill that can be used in future home renovations.

New Cabinets, New Kitchen Look

Like the backsplash, changing the look of your cabinets can deliver a big impact on the overall look of your kitchen. You don’t necessarily need to buy brand new cabinets. You can remove existing cabinets and repaint them. For an added touch of luxury, update all the handles and hardware. To add more lighting and luxe appeal, install under-cabinet lighting fixtures that can also illuminate your workspace.

Make A Statement with Ceiling Details

Don’t forget to give some love to the space overhead. Opt out of the common plain or popcorn ceiling finish and try out beadboard panelling or aluminium tiles for a vintage look. You can also put in some crown mouldings for a premium touch. Add some trendy drop lights over the island or bar for that added stylish appearance.

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You don’t need a massive kitchen demolition and renovation to have a kitchen that looks totally brand new and updated. Turn your attention to these key areas to make a massive impact on your overall kitchen look while keeping to your budget.