Frozen yogurt with berries and cerealOne healthy dessert that is a great alternative to ice cream is yogurt. It contains probiotics that aid in digestion and boost your immune system. No wonder a lot of people indulge in it without feeling guilty. Aside from its health benefits, it is affordable.

Do you want to put up a frozen yogurt business? While lucrative, know that you have to consider a lot of factors. Here are the things you should do when planning to have a frozen yogurt business:

Prepare a business plan

Know the type of frozen yogurt store you prefer to open. Is it a self-service store or a full-service store? A self-service store allows the customers to be creative. They choose the yogurt flavor and toppings that they want. By doing so, they can control the portion sizes and pay by weight pricing. On the other hand, a full-service store has staff that prepare the yogurt concoctions. The customers pay a standard price for each cup.

Secure your finances

Know the start-up costs of opening a frozen yogurt store. You need to pay for the utilities, equipment, rent, and labor. You may get a small business loan, but you have to prepare your business plan beforehand. It has to be approved for your loan to be granted. You may also consider buying a franchise. A franchise is an advantage because the brand is already established. The company could help you in the marketing and overall operations of the business. If you are interested, there are many frozen yogurt businesses from which you can buy a franchise.

Look for the right location

Choose the area that will give you the highest profit possible. It could be near the shopping malls, schools, commercial centers, or other high-traffic areas. Make sure that there is a need for your business in that location. Take note, though, if there are direct competitors in the area. Are you ready for the competition?

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Compare quotes when you shop for equipment

Do your research on high-quality brands but don’t rely on images. Visit the company to see the machines in person. Ask for quotes and specifications. Compare then decide which offers the best deal.

Frozen yogurt is indeed popular these days, hence, the tough competition among store owners. However, with proper planning alongside creativity, you will surely draw potential customers into your products.