TilesCeramic, glass and porcelain tiles are currently the best options for working surfaces and floors. Working with the tiles requires multiple cutting techniques to get your desired shape and fit them into your overall construction. There are various tools used for this.

Regardless of the tool you use, getting a reputable tile cutter parts supplier to buy your replacement parts from is essential. This ensures your job suffers no downtimes while looking for replacements to keep the tools working. Here are some of the tools you can use for cutting tiles.

Tile Nippers

These are hand tools which are used to make unusually shaped and rounded tile cuts. The cutting process involves creating a reference line in your tiles and making small cuts following the reference line with your tile nippers.

These tools are a perfect solution for shaping the tiles around a toilet base and room corners. Working with tile nippers is however very slow.

Diamond Hole Saw

Used in conjunction with a power drill, a diamond hole saw is generally only used for making round holes on your tiles. The technique involves fitting your drill’s chuck in the tile then turning it around to create a hole. A diamond hole saw is very efficient in tile cutting around obstacles such as pipes.

Wet Saw

This tool uses water to cool and wet your saw while cutting. A wet saw can make diagonal, straight, combination and tiny cuts into porcelain, and ceramic tiles. It can also be used to create finishing trim on quarter-round and bullnose tile pieces. Though costly, the saw cuts many tiles within a short timeframe.

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Matching the above cutting tools to the cuts you aim to make in your tiles is essential. With frequent use, however, various parts of the tools will need replacement. Before buying a replacement part, consult your supplier on the best one for your tool so that you get it right.