Graphic Representation of Finding the Right HomeIt’s a mantra a lot of real estate experts say: location, location, location. The kind of neighbourhood your future home is at matters. But then again, what exactly in the neighbourhood is most important? Here are the aspects you need to consider when inspecting the location of your future home:


The ideal situation is your home is near the places you frequently go to, like school or office. Or, at least, there should be easy access to public transportation systems. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your time and energy on the commute.

Most suburbs in Melbourne, Victoria have established facilities inside their community so that almost everything’s accessible. Check out house and land packages around Werribee, Melbourne. You’ll likely find properties located near schools and other establishments.


This is an often-overlooked factor by homebuyers. Or sometimes, they just didn’t catch frustrating noises at the time of their visit to the property. With that, it’s important to vary the times of your visit so that you could get a feel of the activity, especially the noise level in the community. Be especially sensitive to noises coming from transportation systems and theme parks or malls that would likely attract a lot of people.


You may be looking at your dream house, but if it’s located in a crime-stricken neighbourhood, you may have to think twice before buying. See how crime rates are in the community. Every state’s police force has statistics as to the offences committed within their jurisdiction. Compare the crime stats for each of the neighbourhoods you’re considering, and then from there, decide. It may also help to ask people in the community about how safe they feel.

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Remember, buying a house is about location, location, location. Don’t forget these three factors when looking at properties.