photo of a coffin with flowers around itIf black hearses and dreary sermons are not your style for a funeral, why not plan your own? More people want to organise their funeral and personalise it in the same way they plan any significant day in their life. Funerals can be depressing, but they can be a memorial and a celebration of the life of the deceased. Plan a funeral service through a pre-paid plan that celebrates their life instead of mourning their death. You can personalise the event and fill it with special touches that are unique to them.

Green Funeral

Eco funeral services are available through pre-paid funeral plans so you can choose an ornate garden, wildflower meadow or forest glade as a burial site for you or your loved one.

Dictate the Dress Code

You can specify what they’d like guests to wear. Some have used a fancy-dress theme for their funerals, while some have used it to commemorate their significant contributions to social institutions, such as the army or police.

Personalise the Decoration

Some people do not want flowers at a funeral. They decorate using flags, bunting, personalised ribbon or even photographs of the deceased.

Choose a Unique Coffin

If a plain wooden box doesn’t appeal, you can choose a personalised cardboard coffin. Cardboard coffins can be printed to suit any theme, so you could ask the provider to design a coffin that is most suitable. Another idea is to leave the coffin plain and then have guests write their messages of farewell on it.

Hire a Celebrant

Non-religious people can hire a secular celebrant to officiate their service at a venue of their choosing. For example, you could ask a close friend to act as a minister or give the eulogy at the funeral. This option can be used if you choose direct cremation. You can organise the kind of farewell you want with the help of a funeral director and a pre-paid funeral plan. You don’t have to follow convention, but you can make your last farewell a celebration of your life.

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