photo of three engineers with yellow hard hats working on a construction projectTraditionally, a majority of clients have opted for the design-bid-build option when planning construction projects. That is especially so for residential buildings. In the non-residential sector, the trend is changing. More and more clients are switching to the design and build alternative which they feel increases the delivery time of their construction project.

Available resources

In any construction, the client seeks to have their construction project completed within the shortest time possible and at the lowest cost. That has been responsible for the emergence of design and build services. The option is preferred because it puts all the project planning and execution activities under one company. The result is faster delivery of the required building and at a lower overall cost.

One comprehensive contract

In the traditional method, a client had to deal with different businesses for each step of the construction project. From design to construction and later finishing, each step was often completed by a separate entity. That resulted in the signing of numerous contracts which often translate to higher attorney fees. However, the use of a design and build company reduces the number of contracts to be signed. That is because the contracted company is entrusted with completing all the steps of the construction project.

Reduced litigation claims

In many construction projects, a conflict arises between the architectural company and the contractors. The result is a lawsuit in which the client is not part of but suffers a great deal. In such cases, the progress of the project is usually halted until the matter has been resolved. However, through the use of design and build services, the occurrence of such unfortunate cases is eliminated. That is because the same company handles the design and contracting roles.

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The changing attitude in favour of using design and build companies is evidence that the option is more effective. It also spares the client the hassle of dealing with different companies as the same company completes all the required activities.