Job seeker holding his resumeBuilding an impressive business portfolio is important for entrepreneurs or job seekers alike. It allows people to know that you are organized when it comes to presenting yourself and your credentials. Normally, a business professional should have identification, contact information, a resume of relevant skills or achievements, and a network of peers that can give recommendations. Here is a closer look.

1. Identification

JayLynn Studios, a headshot photography provider in Salt Lake City explains that identification is important when you are doing activities that involve other people. Get the service of a headshot photography provider and have yourself photographed. Even a small image of your face can leave an impression on the recruiter. Providing an identification photo lets a recruiter know that you are up for an interview. Get your headshot photos before applying to companies or doing business with other because you might need them when applying for valid IDs.

2. Contact Information

Once people know who you are, some might need to reach out to you. This means that you should have contact information available, whether it is in the form of calling cards or business websites. Giving these to business acquaintances enable them to contact you in case they need your professional help during a project.

3. Resume

While this one should be a given, many professionals forget the importance of keeping one on hand. By having a resume, you are able to list down all your educational background, work experience, and specific skills you use at work. Always update your resume even if you do not have plans yet of resigning or looking for another job.

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It would also be smart to maintain a network of colleagues that can recommend you to an employer or business partner. Your peers have convincing recommendations since they have experienced working with you. Getting your headshot photos, contact information, and resume ready early on should help you land a desired job or close an important deal.