Living with FlatmatesSo you are set to begin your studies at the university of your choice and have even secured a cheap hostel in London to make your home. You may have heard that you will need to get housemates to live with you, but sometimes they might be hard characters to deal with. However, it is important to stay positive and look for ways to make your housemates your friends as you will be living with them throughout your stay at university. Some of the ways you can bond with your housemates include:

Shopping together

Shopping with your housemates will give you a sneak peek at the things that they prefer and a little at their personality. You can go shopping for food items or household items.

Going on a night out

Most likely, you do not have a favourite hangout spot by now. That is okay. You can look for a spot to hang out often with your friends when you are not indoors.

Walking or riding

Get to discover the local areas around your university with your flatmates. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of taking walks, but you will also become familiar with your new neighbourhood and bond with your flatmates.

Decorating your apartment

This helps you save the money that you would spend on hiring an expert to decorate the apartment for you. Discuss the different details that should go into room decoration, and get the work done together. You will appreciate your apartment more, knowing that you did the majority of the work yourselves.

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Playing games

Both online and offline games are good ways to boost your creativity, spend leisure time, and bond with your new flatmates. Play games with them when you are all free.

The relationship you build with your flatmates will influence how you stay with and around each other at a cheap hostel in London. Therefore, take your time to develop a strong friendship with your flatmates who will become your second family while at university.